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Grant from Pfizer Foundation allows establishment of Centre for Medical Humanities at UCL

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In July of this year the Medical Humanities Unit at the Royal Free and University College Medical School, University College London, was awarded a three-year educational grant from the Pfizer Foundation. The grant is for the establishment of the Centre for Medical Humanities, which replaces the Medical Humanities Unit. Dr Deborah Kirklin has been appointed Pfizer Lecturer in Medical Humanities and will be supported by an administrator and a secretary. The award will enable the centre to expand its work within UCL as well as nationally and internationally both in education and research. Current work includes the first UK short course in medical humanities, the development of an intercalated BSc in medical humanities and an on-line literature, art and film database (LAFD{at}UCL). An international conference, jointly convened with New York University Master Scholars Programme, will be held at the Royal Society of Arts in March 2002. Further details of the centre's work can be found on

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