Editorial Board


Brandy Schillace
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Author and historian Dr. Brandy Schillace (skil-a-chay) works at the intersections among medicine, history, technology, and literature. Over the past decade, Brandy has served as an assistant professor of literature, managing editor for a medical anthropology journal, and senior research associate and public outreach for a medical museum. As Editor-in-Chief of MH, Brandy provides a platform for conversation around medicine and its engagement with the humanities, social sciences, global health, and the public.

Associate Editors

Robbie Duschinsky

Dr Robbie Duschinsky is Head of the Applied Social Science Group within the Primary Care Unit and Director of Studies in Sociology at Sidney Sussex College.

University of Cambridge
Cambridge, UK

Daniel Goldberg

Daniel S. Goldberg is trained as an attorney, a historian, and a public health ethicist.  He has a JD and a PhD in the medical humanities, and his primary areas of scholarship include chronic illness, the social determinants of health, health inequalities, and stigma.

University of Colarado
Denver, USA

Sue Spencer

Sue is a former nurse who is now immersed in arts and humanities utilising them and exploring how they can impact on staff and student wellbeing. Sue is a poet and facilitator and regularly runs workshops for harassed professionals. Sue has a particular passion for exploring poetic pedagogy and hopes that this can be developed within the medical humanities.

Newcastle University
Newcastle, UK

Angela Woods

Angela Woods is Deputy Director the Institute for Medical Humanities and Co-Director of Hearing the Voice at Durham University. She is the co-editor of The Edinburgh Companion to the Critical Medical Humanities  and of the special issue of Medical Humanities on the same topic.

Durham University
Durham, UK

Books Editor and Blog Curator

Anna McFarlane
Glasgow University Medical Humanities Research Centre
Glasgow, UK

For blog submission enquiries, please contact Editor-in-Chief Dr Brandy Schillace (bls10@case.edu) directly

Blogs Assistant

Chris Pak
Swansea University,
Swansea, UK

Film and Media Correspondent

Khalid Ali
Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals
Brighton, UK

Global Health Correspondent

Ayesha Ahmad
University College London Medical School
London, UK

Editorial Board

Eva Ahren
Karolinska Institutet
Stockholm, Sweden

David Biro
SUNY Downstate Medical Center
New York, US

Ciara Breathnach
University of Limerick
Limerick, Ireland

Annamaria Carusi
University of Sheffield
Sheffield, UK

Michael DeGeorgia
University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Centre
Ohio, US

Luna Dolezal
University of Exeter
Exeter, UK

Monica Greco
Goldsmith’s University of London
London, UK

Anne Hudson Jones
The University of Texas
Texas, US

Mark Jackson
University of Exeter
Exeter, UK

David Jones
Harvard University
Massachusetts, US

Daniel Laforest
University of Alberta
Alberta, Canada

Stuart Murray
University of Leeds
Leeds, UK

Laura Salisbury
University of Exeter
Exeter, UK

Audrey Shafer
Stanford University
California, US

Shelly Wall
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada