Table 2

Top 10 responses to describe pictures of common antibiotics used in Chiang Rai province, and the corresponding share of respondents that would refrain from buying the medicine over the counter (‘desirable’ attitude)

RankMae Fah Luang village (first survey round; n=155)All three workshop villages (first survey round; n=497)Rural Chiang Rai province (n=1098)
2Other (unknown) names25.8%70.0%Other (unknown) names26.8%53.4%Do not know the name of this medicine10.3%73.5%
3Do not know the name of this medicine14.8%65.2%Do not know the name of this medicine12.7%65.1%Germ killer10.3%55.0%
4Germ killer7.1%72.7%Germ killer5.0%72.0%Antibiotics7.0%67.9%
5Capsules/Medicine in general5.8%77.8%Capsules/Medicine in general3.8%52.6%Heromycin, TC-Mycin, etc.5.6%39.4%
6Amoxi (amoxicillin)3.2%80.0%Colem (chloramphenicol)3.0%26.7%Colem (chloramphenicol)4.8%42.4%
7Cough medicine1.9%33.3%Pain reliever2.4%58.3%Capsules/Medicine in general4.6%46.4%
8Pain reliever1.9%66.7%Antibiotics2.2%81.8%Colour reference3.1%27.3%
9Colem (chloramphenicol)1.9%33.3%Amoxi (amoxicillin)1.2%83.3%Pain reliever2.5%52.3%
10Antibiotics1.3%100.0%Cough medicine1.0%40.0%Other non-antibiotic medicine1.7%24.8%
  • See questionnaire in online supplementary material for pictures of common antibiotics. Only including respondents who recognised the medicine shown. Multiple mentions per respondent possible. Provincial-level results are population weighted using census data.

  • Source: Authors; derived from survey data.