Table 3

Comparison of adults’ and children’s antibiotic sources and use during acute illnesses and accidents

Mae Fah Luang and Chiang Rai villages
(first survey round)
All three workshop villagesRural Chiang Rai province
AdultChildP valueAdultChildP valueAdultChildP value
All illness episodes
% received antibiotics12.2%13.2%0.82514.3%16.7%0.44719.2%24.5%0.321
All antibiotic use episodes
% of antibiotic use episodes received from formal sources71.4%100.0%0.07075.0%92.9%0.04183.6%100.0%0.083
% of antibiotic use episodes received from informal sources28.6%0.0%0.07026.0%10.7%0.08818.3%6.1%0.235
% of illness episodes with at least one instance of unfinished antibiotics42.9%44.4%0.93340.0%39.3%0.94636.5%48.6%0.338
% of episodes with at least one instance of strict adherence to antibiotic instructions64.3%77.8%0.45267.0%67.9%0.93272.2%70.8%0.908
  • Data on illness episode level. Multiple illness episodes per respondent possible. Provincial-level results are population weighted using census data. P values calculated using Pearson’s χ2 test. ‘Child’ refers to illness episodes of anyone below 18 years of age; adults would report the illness episodes of ‘children’ under their supervision.

  • Source, Authors; derived from survey data.