Table 1

Themes relating to the audience’s expectations (prior to viewing the artwork) and perceptions (after viewing the artwork). ‘Other’ refers to themes with counts of less than 5 (and typically only one)

Expectations before viewingPerceptions after viewing
ThemeCount (n)ThemeCount (n)
Increased understanding58Emotion, connectedness, empathy103
Patient experience, empathy, connection47Excitement, surprise, awe56
Surprise and discovery44Insight and interest42
Insight into cardiovascular disease, medicine36Beauty, preciousness, poetry23
Inspiration and enjoyment32Medical, educational20
Insight into arts-and-science process31Anxiety, discomfort, death18
Visual, audio, visual and audio26Powerful, deep17
To be moved15Intricate, complex, changeable17
Relaxation, peacefulness10Music, sound, words13
Beauty7Mindful, considerate8
Anxiety, discomfort, sombreness7Calm, calming, warmth6