Table 2

Example quotes for the five most commonly reported themes related to the audience’s expectations (prior to viewing the artwork) and perceptions (after viewing the artwork)

Expectations before viewing
 Increased understanding ‘to learn something new’, ‘increased understanding and awareness’, ‘learning about the heart
 Patient experience, empathy, connection ‘to get an insight into patient’s mindset’, ‘human story’, ‘voices of patients’, ‘insight into patients' response’
 Surprise and discovery ‘joy of discovery’, ‘the unexpected’, ‘to be surprised’
 Insight into cardiovascular disease, medicine ‘clogged arteries’, ‘heartbeat’, ‘fibrillation’, ‘the clinical gaze’
 Inspiration and enjoyment ‘inspired’, ‘to be thought provoked’, ‘stimulation’, ‘shift my views’
Perceptions after viewing
 Emotion, connectedness, empathy ‘direct connection to [the] mother’s experience’, ‘human’, ‘feel it at an emotional level—especially the voice of the mother’
 Excitement, surprise, awe ‘amazing’, ‘awe-inspiring’, ‘exciting’
 Insight and interest ‘a real insight into [the] heart’, ‘stimulating’, ‘informative’, ‘in a new landscape—curious’
 Beauty, preciousness, poetry ‘precious’, ‘beauty’, ‘poetic’, ‘poetry’
 Medical, educational ‘healthcare surrounding’, ‘big space in the chest’, ‘makes you think how reliant we are on our bodies’, ‘terminology’