Table 1

List of study participants

Name of author(s), publication yearTitleJournal, language, pagesApproach
Pinto et al (2005)69Sexually transmitted disease/HIV risk behaviour among women who have sex with womenAIDS, English, 5 pagesCross-sectional epidemiological study
Barbosa and Koyama (2006)70Women who have sex with women: estimates for BrazilCadernos de Saúde Pública, Portuguese, 3 pagesNational survey
Almeida and Heilborn (2008)71Não somos mulheres gays: identidade lésbica na visão de ativistas brasileiras (We are not gay women: lesbian identity as viewed by Brazilian activists)Gênero, Portuguese, 24 pagesInterviews, participant observation
Facchini (2008)72Mulheres, (homo)sexualidades e diferenças: uma reflexão sobre políticas públicas segmentadas (Women, (homo)sexualities and differences: a reflection about targeted public policies)Reunião Brasileira de Antropologia, Portuguese, 22 pagesConference paper
Almeida (2009)73Arguments of the possibility of STD infection and Aids among women that define themselves as lesbiansPhysis: Revista de Saúde Coletiva, Portuguese, 30 pagesInterviews, participant observation
Barbosa and Facchini (2009)74Access to sexual healthcare for women who have sex with women in São Paulo, BrazilCadernos de Saúde Pública, Portuguese, 9 pagesInterviews, participant observation
Reis et al (2010)75Genital and oral human papillomavirus infection in a patient from the group of women who have sex with womenClinics, English, 3 pagesCase report
Mora and Monteiro (2010)76Vulnerability to STIs/HIV: sociability and the life trajectories of young women who have sex with women in Rio de JaneiroCulture, Health and Sexuality, English, 9 pagesInterviews, participant observation
Rodrigues and Schor (2010)77Saúde sexual e reprodutiva de mulheres lesbicas e bissexuaisFazendo Gênero 9: Diásporas, Diversidades, Deslocamentos, Portuguese, 11 pagesConference paper
Bertolin et al (2010)78Knowledge of women who have sex with women about human papillomavirusCogitare Enfermagem, Portuguese, 5 pagesQuestionnaire survey
Valadão and Gomes (2011)79Female homosexuality in health: from invisibility to violencePhysis: Revista de Saúde Coletiva, Portuguese, 16 pagesReview of articles and documents
Mora and Monteiro (2013)80Female homoeroticism, young people and vulnerability to STI/AidsEstudos Feministas, Portuguese, 21 pagesInterviews, participant observation
Carvalho et al (2013)81Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases by homosexual and bisexual womenOnline Brazilian Journal of Nursing, English, 10 pagesSemi-structured interviews
Carvalho et al (2013)82The device ‘health of lesbian women’: (in)visibility and rightsPsicologia Política, Portuguese, 16 pagesCritical review