Table 1

 Issues ranked in order of importance to participants

Maximum vote possible for one item = 40.
• Allowed to metaphorically experience illness situations we wouldn’t otherwise experience14
• No need to timetable student only meetings13
• I really enjoyed automatic writing—should have been expanded as a chance to develop skills13
• Tutor should have been assigned earlier to help choose topics11
• Would have preferred more short stories and books than extracts9
• Could have trip to Hay Literature festival9
• It affected me as a person, and then as a doctor8
• Very enjoyable6
• Allows you to think about topics you might not have
• previously thought about5
• Would have been useful to have experts from English department5
• Some seminars overlapped—you felt you were repeating yourself4
• Tutors’ views had greater validity than students4
• Tutors who hadn’t done the SSM didn’t know what was expected4
• First two–three weeks quite busy—felt overloaded3
• To be encouraged at every stage to bring in own literature3