Table 1

Users' (all categories) responses to questions 2, 5, and 6. (Question 2: Have you noticed [this art work]? Question 5: Would you like to see it remain, be removed, or be replaced? Question 6: Have you talked about this art work with any other person?)

Art work and location% Noticed?% Not noticed?% Remain?% Remove?% Replace?% Talked about it?% Not talked about it?
*Percentage of those who had noticed the art work.
‘The Walled Garden’, painting: radiotherapy waiting area87.712.3100. (63.2*)44.6
Mosaic frieze and painting: orthodontic treatment room100. (28.6*)69.6
Decorative glass panels: orthopaedic Centre entrance and cafeteria59.640.440.43.049.513.1 (22.0*)82.6
Large fish, wood sculpture: hospital restaurant87. (35.0*)69.6
‘The Dining Table’, painting: hospital restaurant59.440.668.86.321.915.6 (26.3*)84.4
Set of nine watercolour paintings: hospital restaurant81.818.2100. (22.2*)81.8