35 e-Letters

  • Is beauty only skin deep?
    Kenneth Hoekstra

    Dear Editor,

    In the article by Volandes titled Envying Cinderella and the future of medical enhancements (1), Medical Humanities 32: 73-76, 2006, the author highlights the ethical dilemma of providing medical enhancements for patients while corroding the moral priority that it has traditionally held as a profession, namely retaining a position of trust based on professional judgment and advocating for patient's...

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  • Indoctrination in the NHS
    Ruth V Reed

    As a student, I prided myself on having an independent and often controversial approach to a whole host of contemporary issues. I confess I looked down on those junior doctors a few years ahead of me who seemed to do nothing except work and bland activities such as ‘going to the gym’. Where was their activism, their passion? Surely I would be different, campaigning for change on issues that mattered most – the developing...

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  • Refusal to Abandon Identities
    Lynette Brown

    September 15, 2006

    The article "Motherhood versus patienthood: a conflict of identities" which appeared in the Journal of Medical Ethics in June 2006 moved me to make a personal commentary. The author successfully illustrated that cancer can take such control over a person's life that the new identity as a patient can conflict with previously defined roles. My diagnosis of Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2001 generated mu...

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  • Hello
    Mayowa M.A Olusunmade

    I went through your article and I must tell you that I'm amazed at how true most if not all of the things you said about being a medical student are. I am a 3rd year medical student in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and I just finished my Part I MBBS exams which my room-mate and best friend flunked. i just searched google for 'how to survive medical school' when I came across your letter and while reading it, i rememb...

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  • An excellent article
    Mainak Mukherjee

    Dear Editor

    This is an excellent article, which throws new insight ito the phenomenon of Anorexia Nervosa.

    The author deserves my heartfelt thanks.