13 e-Letters

published between 2011 and 2014

  • Embarrassing Bodies
    susanne stevens mccabe

    One of the best episodes (and probably most shocking to thousands of people of all ages)of a medical programmes in UK dealt exactly with the need to reassure people about the huge variation in genitalia. Shocking because genitalia are so taboo that a penis still cannot usually even be shown on TV. The programme continues to run a web site so that people can see different genitalia for themselves and also to share experi...

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  • Can physicians sanction religious/ spiritual treatment alongside conventional medical therapy?
    Deen M Mirza

    I would like to commend the authors for implementing an interesting and pertinent educational programme on spirituality. As a primary care doctor seeing patients in the Middle East, I am aware of the wide range of complaints Muslim patients will attribute to spirit or 'jinn' possession, ranging from infertility, to headaches, to depression and so on.

    Our approach in dealing with such health beliefs in Muslim pati...

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  • Composing causes of death and disease
    David van Bodegom

    Caruncho and Fernandez interpreted Chopin's hallucinations as temporal lobe epilepsy.(1) Recently, Karhausen examined the 140 causes of death of Mozart that have been proposed in the medical literature.(2) These studies on both composers nicely illustrate how a mechanistic view of death and disease still dominates modern medicine.

    Identifying the cause of death can be difficult. Many physicians will share the e...

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