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published between 2010 and 2013

  • Alternative Medicine is a Useful Concept
    Harri Hemila
    Pekka Louhiala argues that "there is no alternative medicine" because "it escapes a meaningful definition, and 'alternative medicine' cannot be clearly differentiated from conventional medicine" [1]. I do not consider that his arguments are valid.

    Louhiala does not mention the proposed definitions for "alternative medicine". For example, Eisenberg defined alternative medical therapies as "interventions neither taught...
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  • Response
    S J Lund

    I believe no mental patient should have family members make decisions for them, as this can make the patient even more irritable. Ask the patient what they want to achieve. Just like when someone is dying you wouldn't disrespect their wishes.

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  • another reference in Jules Romains
    Jillian I Fryer

    You might also be interested in the character of Doctor Bompard (is this name a French pun?) in Jules Romains' The Body's Rapture and his long speech towards the end of the book, pages 428-429. This is not specifically about medicine, though Bompard is a ship's doctor, but about the purported march forward of science and philosophy since the Renaisance and of course refering back to the ancient Greeks. In this case it i...

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