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Congenital Glaucoma
  1. Richard M Ratzan
  1. Correspondence to Dr Richard M Ratzan, Department of Emergency Medicine, Hartford Hospital, PO Box 5037, 80 Seymour Street, Hartford, CT 06102-5037, USA; rmratzan{at}

Statistics from

She sat in bed, a room to drama given

Not often or of late. With her a throng

Of fellow teens, all smiles as if room seven

Were home, were Méjico, speaking the tongue

I'd learned one college summer with aims

Of studying pre-Columbian deities -

Those eyeless gods of stone and clay with names

Like Ixtacíhuatl, snow capped queen of trees.

Ciega. Blind. Mi chica had no sight.

I looked into her eyes and saw two suns

Of blinding white - atrophic holes, where light

Fell off the cliff to disappear, forever gone:

Her aqueous flowed but poorly from her eyes.

For Ixtacíhuatl, a maiden sacrifice.

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