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The Seahorses
  1. Haniah Habash-Bailey
  1. Brighton and Sussex Medical School, UK
  1. Correspondence to Haniah Habash-Bailey, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, 44 Shanklin Road, Brighton, BN2 3LQ, UK; bsms3633{at}

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There is a secret self, a shadow

Relax your peepers and you’ll miss her-

Some say she’s not welcome here,

Others that she’s always been

Resting on gyri, enveloped in some sulcus,

She’s very small you know.


Her favourite thing is riding the opal-grey seahorses, over and over,

They watch her in wonderment, ache a little at her touch

Other times she sits in an oval orchard,

Feasting on almonds, leaving scatterings

When she is full she wanders along silvery-spindle tracts,

Until she reaches the cusp of the water and waits-

At the point of a kiss

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