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On Amyloid Protein
  1. Danish Zaidi
  1. Correspondence to Danish Zaidi, Wake Forest School of Medicine, 475 Vine Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, USA; danishzaidi{at}

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I watch your eyes tracing my face.

Furrowed brows suggest blurred image.

Slow, slow, not in haste—

Mine is a forgotten visage,

Erased like tales of the village,

You fondly shared, from where you came.

I watch your eyes tracing my face,

And pray you will recall my name.

Your calloused hands will think of mine:

“We have held these some other place!”

The embers of your past will flame—

And I will hear and help to heal,

Waiting for signal or for sign.

Slow, slow, with hands to feel—

As I carry onward, blind,

Hoping that which I seek, I find.


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