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Arachnoid Mater
  1. Adam A Dmytriw
  1. Correspondence to
    Adam A Dmytriw, MD MSc, Department of Medical Imaging, University of Toronto, 263 McCaul Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1W7, Canada; adam.dmytriw{at}

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unforgettable but



a single sanguine sample

declares its delinquency

    dolor rubor

       the fulmination inside her head

           crimson crawling along her silken web

             wracking nerves

           a family waits, wonders, and bargains

    inside, strangers purport to understand

humans and their humours they hope

anatomy, capricious as it is, will now

permit them entry

anaesthesia standing by, Neith reminds them yet again

      a moment astray and the web is unwound

          they bate their breaths so that she may breathe


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