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  1. Casey Golomski
  1. Correspondence to Casey Golomski, University of New Hampshire, Department of Anthropology, 310 Huddleston Hall, 73 Main Street, Durham, NH 03824, USA; casey.golomski{at}

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Who writes the script

and sets in motion the

interdependent dialogue?

It cannot be unwritten

until eyelids close.

Who authors the script?

It cannot be monographic.

The bard's hand should be writing

carefully, coveting

the lines of the patient speaker.

This script is rewritten

every 30 days or more, and

our small cast replays it:

agonist and receptor,

and spectator.

There's no stage, and still I hear

footlit steps—moored depressors—

here and there

a grain of sand

in skittish undertow.


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