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Flashes and curtains
  1. Osama M Mustafa
  1. Correspondence to Osama M Mustafa, College of Medicine, Alfaisal University, Riyadh 11533, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; omustafa{at}

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Another morning comes,

to move forward through the unknown.

The joy of seeking a blank plot

rich in colors, shapes and lights.

Awake, I suppose.

Life…through my thick glasses,

busy, fast, steady,

seemingly usual.

But down the hallway was

an open door:

A sunny day and humid breeze,

ready to enjoy a brisk pause,

and a classy cup of coffee

on the sidewalk.

My hand grabbed the cup's handle

then froze…

For the saucer grasped my attention:

Ancient sophistication

thrown into folds of

carefully-sculpted geometric shapes…

I saw a theater of history

surrounding the saucer's white center.

Three black dots had appeared on its stage,

moments before thousands of

black meteoroids went astray,

burnt into flashes of light.

And the theater's curtains soon to follow,

closing vision and lasting memories.


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