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Arctic paws
  1. Nathan Hodson
  1. Correspondence to Mr. Nathan Hodson, Brighton and Sussex Medical School, Audrey Emerton Building, Eastern Road, Brighton, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; N.hodson1{at}

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A translation of Epigram V.9 by Martial (c. AD38 – c. 103)

Under the weather, I was:

Languishing on level six.

You were quick to come by, Prof Symmachus.

Poke your head round the curtain to check I don't mind

Before a hundred disciples pour in behind.

(A hundred drizzles of alcohol gel)

Didn't feel all that bright as the first took my wrist;

By the last I was septic as well.

Epigram V.9


Languebam: sed tu comitatus protinus ad me

 uenisti centum, Symmache, discipulis.

Centum me tetigere manus aquilone gelatae:

 non habui febrem, Symmache, nunc habeo.


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