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Tanzkarte NHS
  1. Ruth Chalkley
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Last on your dance card for today.

You were brilliant.

And kind.

You sketched out a graphed prognosis;

a crash landing.

A swift gesture I thought I could read,

done with care and skill and a lot more, I sense.

I got the x but not yet the why.

This is neurological, complicated, rare;

case reported, lonely;

what will transpire they cannot say,

it's watch and see; it's kind of down to me.

I think I flinched, but then relaxed,

as, in safe hands and with gentle humour,

you ask that the landing lights go on.

You've brought planes in, like me, before.

Wikipedia informs us thus;

Those involved in flight tests also use the term,

the first card in their deck of cards.

data about the mission,

data about the aircraft,

the aircrew, the manoeuvres to be flown;

a quick reference for use in flight.

You know all this.

I know now my dancing days are over;

Let's circle and go round again.


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