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The Doorstep
  1. Irina Shklyar
  1. Corresponding to
    Irina Shklyar, Yale School of Medicine, Internal Medicine, 20 York Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06510, USA; irina.shklyar{at}

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As I rushed to greet my faithful friends

A harsh wind stood sentinel,

Nearly preventing their entry

Responsibility, long abroad, alighted on my doorstep

As I held out my hands to Duty and Opportunity

Those rare but welcome friends

Bliss, an old ally, glowed as he entered inside

And in a moment, Truth rang at the door just behind

With Empathy waiting silently at her heels

Once they stood in the hallway, white coats on their hooks

They laughed and whispered in my ear:

Be not frightened, my little dear,

Your ruse is growing quite old

You have found your patients, your life's calling; be bold!

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