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The rabbit
  1. Colleen T Fogarty
  1. Correspondence to Dr Colleen T Fogarty, Associate Professor, University of Rochester Department of Family Medicine, 777 South Clinton Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620, USA; colleen_fogarty{at}

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Just before sundown, on midsummer's night, I set out for work.

I've kissed the children, washed the dishes, kissed my spouse.

The air is hot, just a bit humid, as I cut through the park.

Rounding a bend, I see a man stopped in the path.

He's looking intently, gazing down over a knoll.

My steps are hurried, focused on my work.

I approach, and finally see what he sees.

A common brown rabbit, munching on clover.

I slow and quiet my steps, so as not to ruin this man's show.

Finally, I stop, just past the man, and join him in gazing at the rabbit.

She's munching, focused on her delicious green clover.

A breeze kicks up, waving the tree branches over our heads,

Taking a bit of the humidity away.

I close my eyes. Breathe. Savor the air.

This moment. Another. With the man, the rabbit, the clover, the breeze.

I'm reminded of the gift of slowing down to appreciate the signs of life around me.

The grant can wait this moment.


Donna Kreher, Elizabeth LeCuyer, Susan McDaniel and Jose Nino for helpful suggestions.

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