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Some of my friends
  1. Daniel Thomas Moran
  1. Correspondence to Daniel Thomas Moran, School of Dental Medicine/Department of General Dentistry, Boston University, 100 E. Newton St., Boston, MA 02118, USA; dan{at}

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Some of my friends

are becoming concerned.

About lumps where there

were none before.

Some thing which

does not look right.

Their comforts undermined by

pains sharp or dull.

The need to draw breath

into deeper places.

Some are feeling vulnerable.

Their eyes are clouding,

words appearing to dissolve,

sounds soft and muffled.

Some of my friends

need procedures and

further testing.

They will have to

travel to someplace

far and unfamiliar

and wait.

They will try to recall

when sleep came easy.

Now they might have

to be kept overnight,

have blood let by

girls named Betty.

Lie beneath beams

which will turn their

skin to rice paper.

All of their functions

will be distilled

to graphs and digits.

Some of my friends

seem to be wearing out.

Their pink becoming grey.

Their tightness loosened.

Some will be told today.


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