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Wondrous world
  1. Tiffany Brunson
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I almost lost track

Of the wonders of this world

I got misplaced in the chaos

And disheveled by adulthood

But today I decided

To stop, stare, and breathe

And I sighed in awe

And exhaled in disbelief

I'd begun to ignore

The early morning symphony

Like the sounds of the birds

That whistled from the trees

I'd become annoyed with chill

That christened the morning air

But it is with that chill I explore my senses

Lest that feeling did disappear

I'd become numb to the wondrous light

That speckled the night sky

In my hustle and bustle

To get home and unwind

As a child I use to gaze endlessly at the stars

The reflection and the time reveal who we are

I almost lost track

Of the wonders of this world

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