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Literary appreciation for medical students at International Medical University, Kuala Lumpur: the learner’s experience
  1. S S DMani
  1. Ms S S DMani, Language, Culture and Communication Department, International Medical University, No 126, Jalan 19/155B, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; sheba_dmani{at}


Background: A literature in medicine module was offered to second-year undergraduate medical students at the International Medical University. The general aim of this educational initiative was to enhance the selected medical students' understanding of medical practice through literature.

Objective: This study was carried out to discover the selected students' learning experience through the literature in medicine module.

Methods: A qualitative study was conducted by using two different semi-structured questionnaires which were administered respectively at the beginning and end of the course. The data were explored using grounded theory and by coding responses for emerging themes.

Results: Students identified the following key benefits that enhanced their learning experience: “opportunity to identify, explore and develop self”; “gained patient's perspective of suffering and emotional needs”; “abilities to understand the mechanics and influences of society”.

Conclusion: The literature in medicine selective has directed the selected students towards developing self, reflecting on the profession and understanding the dynamics of society. By diversifying the design and delivery of the module, the students have gained a holistic medical education. Therefore, this module has the potential for development, exploration and implementation within this region.

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  • Competing interests: None.

  • Ethics approval: Ethical approval for this study was granted by the Research Committee and Ethics Committee International Medical University.