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Exhibition explores the human body in art and science

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The Hayward Gallery, London, is hosting a significant exhibition likely to be of interest to those concerned to develop and explore the medical humanities. Spectacular Bodies: the Art and Science of the Human Body from Leonardo to Now opened in October, and runs until 14th January 2001. According to the gallery, “the human body is an astounding feat of engineering. For centuries, man has striven to understand its complexities, both artistically and anatomically, often resorting to human dissection. Illustrating the point at which medicine and art collide, this exhibition brings together treasures from some 80 museums and collections worldwide. In one of its most ambitious projects ever, the Hayward Gallery presents works of art ranging from paintings and drawings by Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, Dürer and Stubbs, to contemporary work by eight artists, including Bill Viola and Christine Borland, alongside models and instruments from the medical world.” For information contact the gallery on 020 7960 5226.