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Poetry and prose

  • Digital dust
    Johann A R Roduit
  • Immortal
    Allison Mary N Shepherd
  • Determined
    Dominic Charles Toffolo
  • The Gift
    Samuel Ridout
  • Tonio: Telling Time
    Ron Louie
  • The Evening Shift
    Helen Gibson
  • Congenital Glaucoma
    Richard M Ratzan
  • An unpredictable vision
    Andrew R L Medford
  • Love?
    Norman Scott Harrison, Helen Noble
  • Clouds
    Michael James Leach
  • The Seahorses
    Haniah Habash-Bailey
  • Atrophy
    Rebecca C Lee
  • On Amyloid Protein
    Danish Zaidi
  • Chief complaint: “He predicts earthquakes”
    Ron Louie
  • Handsome cat
    Kevin Dueck
  • Bedside manner
    Michael J Passmore
  • Paroxysms
    Andrew R L Medford
  • White coat
    Aparna Sajja
  • Pillow talk
    Jiena Sun
  • Flutterings
    Andrew RL Medford
  • Arachnoid Mater
    Adam A Dmytriw
  • Wandering the hallways of my mind.
    Sherine Salib
  • Authority
    Casey Golomski


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