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Screening CT Scan
  1. Adam Possner
  1. Correspondence to Dr Adam Possner, Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine, Medical Faculty Associates, George Washington University, 2150 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 2-105 South, Washington, DC 20037, USA; apossner{at}

Statistics from

It's like at the airport

Except in this case

you truly fear

someone gave you

something to carry

Shoes off, belt off

Empty your pockets

A ticking time bomb

Maybe it was you

you think, when you

smoked those cigarettes

Sir, right this way

into the scanner

Rode when you

could have walked

Hold still

Hold your breath

Ate what you knew

you shouldn't

Please wait while

the image is read

Or, you worry, maybe

it was your genes

that left your tissue


let a cancer in

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