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  1. Adam Possner
  1. Correspondence to Dr Adam Possner, Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine, Medical Faculty Associates, George Washington University, 2150 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 2-105 South, Washington, DC 20037, USA; apossner{at}

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Hi, I'm Lisa, I'll be your chaperone

today, for your comfort and the doctor's.

While we await his arrival, let me

assure you that my presence in this room

is standard procedure, normal practice,

kind of like when you were kids at a dance

or on a fieldtrip to a museum,

just a precaution, although I've never,

well, that's not true, maybe once, but I'm old,

Honey, enough to be your mother, seen

either a doctor or patient behave

inappropriately for this exam,

which the more I think about it the more

I'd compare to a dance, not a fieldtrip,

call it the gynecologic two-step,

a-one-and-a-two, first the breast exam,

arms up, the left, then the right, followed by

sliding down to the edge, feet up into

the foot holders, hips relaxed, ending with

a deep breath and twirl of the cyto brush.

It'll be over before you know it.

Any questions before we get started?

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